BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. — Biologists are urging boaters to stay away from a right whale and her calf off the coast of Sebastian Inlet in Brevard County.

What You Need To Know

A slow-motion drone video shot by the Marine Resources Council (MRC) in Palm Bay shows the mom and baby swimming alongside dolphins in the ocean on Monday.

A sped-up video shows boaters following and circling the whales.

MRC got a permit to shoot the footage.

It is against federal law to be within 500 yards away or above endangered right whales.

"Give them their space, they just need their space," says Julie Albert, Marine Resources Council North Atlantic Right Whale Conservation Program coordinator. "This is a calving and nursery area for mothers and calves, and they are critically endangered."

There are only 340 of the whales left, with only 70 breeding females. And the biggest threats are entanglements and boat strikes. 

You can report right whale sightings by calling 888-97-WHALE (94253).