DUNEDIN, Fla. — As Siobhan Nehin tells it, she was out windsurfing when she ran into a few other artistic gardeners.

They started the group that she eventually named Garden Fairies.

The Garden Fairies hailed from different disciplines — engineers, art directors, and landscape architects.

They soon spread their wings, flying out of the garden and onto the runway.

Nehin and her buddies are some of the near dozen designers involved in the Dunedin Fine Arts Center's Wearable Art 15, where fashion and art meet on the runway.

The event is set for Aug. 24.

It's now their seventh year for costumes in the show.

This year they are big fans of shimmer, lights, and butterfly wings with a 14-foot wingspan.

It's all about butterflies and bees. 

Nehin and fellow Garden Fairies member Adrianne Butler are assisting each other in their butterfly pursuits.

Look for Butler's four-foot high winged hat, and Nehin's aforementioned butterfly wings, lit up courtesy fiber optic illumination.