We use our smartphones and take them everywhere.

For a growing number of people staying connected has become an obsession, new research shows. 

Nomophobia is the fear of being without mobile technology or you can call it no-mobile-phone-phobia.

How anxious do you get when you lose your cell, run out of battery or have no network coverage? Or ever simply imagine life without a mobile device?

We asked some folks in downtown Orlando.

"I probably have that fear too. It's 2012 we need it," said Jason.

"Without the phone, without technology, you can't surf the web," said Angelica.

A California Recovery Center has founded the first ever recovery group to deal with nomophobia.

Could we start seeing more and more groups like this pop up all over the country, even right here in Central Florida?

Marta Rocha-Weber is a registered mental health counselor who is already seeing more cases of nomophobia.

 "Not having the phone can create a lot of anxiety, so the phone today has become our security blanket," said Rocha-Weber.

Symptoms for nomophobia include:

  • Increased anxiety
  • Having a fear that you can't be without your phone
  • Excessive checking and double checking your phone
  • It impairs your relationships. Your friends and family tell you you are on your phone too much.

Rocha-Weber has three tips for preventing nomophobia:

  1. Create boundaries.  Limit your time with no electronic access
  2. Create some fun and relaxing time activities -- spend time with your loved ones
  3. If you think you do have an issue, it may be time to seek counseling.