A Volusia County man faces charges for selling fake iPads and other electronics.

Investigators said Torrance Canady tried to sell one fake iPad to someone in the parking lot of a Save-A-Lot on Nova Road over the weekend.

Police said the victim handed over $400 to Canady Friday and left without checking the merchandise. The victim said Canady told her he needed money to get home and had an iPad for sale.

When she got home, she discovered it was just a piece of glass wrapped in duct tape to resemble the back of an iPad, along with a paper copy of an iPad advertisement and an extension cord wrapped in bubble wrap.

Police caught Canady on Sunday and found several more fake electronics in his car, all pieces of glass or wood wrapped in duct tape and adorned with a white cutout of the Apple logo held on with clear tape.

Investigators then asked the victim from Friday to come in, and showed her the fakes they recovered. Police said the victim then picked Canady out of a photo lineup of possible suspects.

Canady, 39, was booked into the Volusia County Jail on several charges including grand theft, as well as giving a false name to officers at the time of his arrest.