Authorities have released cell phone video in the case of a Tampa teenager they say had plans of setting off explosives at an area high school.

The newly released cell phone videos give a detailed and disturbing look into the mind of Jared Cano.

The Hillsborough County State Attorney’s Office released the cell phone video they say Cano took of himself before he was arrested. In the videos, Cano describes his plans to blow up Freedom High School.

Cano has spent more than a year behind bars waiting for trial to face charges that he threatened to blow up the school on the first day of the 2011 school year.

"What up...  I'm Jared Cano," the then 17-year-old Cano says in the video. "But you guys probably know who I am by now, I'm the Freedom High School shooter in Tampa Florida...or I will be in a couple months."

Cano pleaded “no contest” in October to charges that he collected bomb making devices and planned to murder faculty members and students at Freedom.

Cano spells out those plans in the candid cell phone videos.  He says he is not crazy and claims he did not choose his fate.

“Can you blame me for it? Did I choose this?" Cano asks in the video. "Did I choose to want to feel like this? Did I choose to want to feel like this? No. This is who I am.  There's nothing I can do about it.  There's nothing anybody can do about it."

He goes on to say his mother should not be blamed for his actions. Cano then opens a notebook where he describes the drawings of his plans to bomb Freedom.

"So, basically my plan is to set a bomb here at point A. Here at point B.  Point C. Point D. I'm gonna set ‘em between 7:00 and 7:12," he said.

Investigators said a fellow student alerted police to Cano's alleged plan before he could carry it out.

Cano’s lawyer, Norman Cannella Sr., has called his client’s plans fantasies and said that Cano would not have ever gone through with them.

Cannella told the judge that Cano has turned himself around during his time in prison by getting his GED. They're hoping for no additional prison time.

A sentencing hearing for Cano is scheduled for December 5. Cano faces 30 years behind bars.