A St. Petersburg resident says city employees aren't getting tickets when they run red lights, even if they are caught doing so on camera.

Resident Matt Florell said he has done his research when it comes to St. Petersburg's 11 red light cameras, and he's learned something in the process.

"City of St. Petersburg vehicles are not getting tickets for running red lights, is what it comes down to," he said.

Florell asked the city of Gulfport for video of its cameras. He said St. Petersburg city drivers are running red lights there and getting tickets, but when they blow through them in their own town, they don't get cited.
Florell took his complaint to the city council.  No one at the meeting was able to verify his claims, but council members said they were unaware of any official policy to forgive city employees for red light camera citations.

"I'm hopeful administration will come back and it's just maybe some emergency vehicles, but if it's some employees, I would look for them to do something about it, because that's not good," council member Wengay Newton said.

Council members asked the city administrator to look into Florell's claims. The city attorney said they would investigate.