Bob Barrett and his team at Alligator Attraction in Johns Pass were thinking outside the box when they came up with the idea to bring gators to your home for a pool party.

After a safety course the gator, whose mouth is kept closed with a gauze-like tape, swims and poses for photos with party guests.

The story has prompted numerous comments on our website, like this one from Scarlett,who writes: “Seriously, why would you do that to the gator or the kids. If you want to see a gator go to Bush [sic] Gardens or a zoo.  Leave the poor guys alone and let them live a life like we do.”

Managers say they are in line with the law.

"We have looked into it and we have actually talked to our people that hold our permits and we are completely in legal realms of doing this," manager Lewis Gaff said. "The great thing about this is that we do education about alligators.  It’s not a just throw the alligator in the pool and have a good time."

Once our story aired, calls started coming in to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

“Fish and Wildlife has received a couple complaints regarding the story from this morning… just people making sure that the person taking the alligators out was abiding by state law,” FWC spokesperson Bayl Martin said. “His permits are correct and up to date and his permits for exhibition of the animals are correct and up to date.”

However, because of the calls, officers now plan to inspect the business.  That is fine with the staff at Alligator Attraction.

“We have met all of the specs and beyond that FWC has asked us to do and that’s what we have to do before even opening up." Gaff said.  "Everything has to be in their eyes has to be perfect and safe.  It has to be safe for the alligators they have to have plenty of land and water and for the customers also."

Bob Barrett, who owns Alligator Attraction, said he is ready to show the FWC his gators when they come by on Wednesday.