The FBI raided the downtown St. Petersburg office of Universal Health Care Thursday.

Agents with the Department of Health and Human Services said the raid is part of a federal investigation into health care fraud.

The raid comes a day after more than 800 employees found out they were losing their jobs.

The company is in receivership and will be liquidated by the Department of Financial Services by the end of the month. Universal leaders have been accused of money mismanagement during a state investigation.

Employees in the office Thursday morning were told by agents to leave their desks and evacuate the building just after 8 a.m. Many of the employees had just clocked in for work.

"I heard a loud male voice saying, 'Back away from your computers, hands off your keyboards,'" employee Jessica Jines said. "Stood up to look over my keyboard, and there were five or six federal agents that were separating, walking in each direction. They called us to one central area and let us know there will be no use of the computers."

Employees snapped photos as FBI agents removed files from storage cabinets. They said agents were looking for computers too.

The FBI isn’t saying much, but they have said the Department of Health and Human Services is leading what is now considered a healthcare fraud investigation.

The leaders of Universal are accused of money mismanagement.

Workers say those same leaders promised them their jobs were safe as recently as last month.

“We’ve all been loyal employees. They haven’t been up front with us. Giving us incorrect information,” said Adrienne Beacham, employee.

The workers don't know even know if they'll get a last paycheck.

“We’ve just been told because we’re not in the building physically working, we’re not being paid for it. We have also not been excused to leave. So we’re all standing outside in the freezing cold with no answers,” said Beacham.

Answers the federal government hopes to find during an investigation that could take months.

Agents can't talk specifically about what they're looking for.

But they would tell us healthcare fraud investigations usually have to do with things like over-billing, or charging for services that were never completed.

Officials have not yet said what the agents are specifically searching for in the building.

Several employees are on hand at the office today as the company is holding a job fair to help laid off workers transition to new employment.

Universal Healthcare officials have not commented.

Employees say more than 140,000 policies are handled out of the office. Those people will have to find alternate insurance.