The mother of a soldier is desperately searching for answers in the death of her son.

Specialist Glenn Moore, III, was based in Fort Hood when he died in a car crash on Wednesday morning.

The next day his parents received the terrible news from the Army, but it’s what they haven’t heard that has them wanting more.

"He was likable," said Danielle Moore, Glenn’s mother when asked how she remembers her son.  “He was funny. Everyone that met him instantly became friends with him."

Moore went into the Army three years ago as an intelligence imagery analyst. He was deployed to Afghanistan for a year and was a decorated soldier.

Now, the family is not only in mourning but also left asking questions.

They want to know why their son would lead officers on a deadly high-speed chase through two counties.

"And I'm not saying my son wasn't at fault,” said Danielle. “That's not what I'm saying. I just want to know what happened, and I just think it's taking too long. I know investigations take long but every little bit that they find out along the way, we have a right to know."

Not only is the Army investigating the incident, but so is the Texas Department of Public Safety.

In the meantime, Moore says it wasn’t something her son would do and that he had a clean record, especially with his high security clearance. 

She says that neither local nor state law enforcement officers have even called her.

"Show some compassion,” said Moore. “Call us and say, listen, we are working on it."

With so few answers, they say they may have to fly to Texas to get some answers in person.

"I don't like to wake up in the morning and when I do, I just think I'm waking up from a bad nightmare,” said Danielle.  “My sons are devastated. Our lives are changed forever and it's just senseless. It's just something that should not have happened."

Moore’s family said he just accepted a job offer doing satellite imagery and was excited to start his next career. He was set to leave Fort Hood in about four months.

Bay News 9 left several voicemails and emails with both representatives from Fort Hood as well as the Texas Department of Public Safety on Saturday and are still waiting to hear back from them.

Specialist Moore’s parents say their son’s body should be returned to Florida sometime this week.