An 81-year-old woman is walking across the country for change.

A year ago, Rhana Bazzini decided she wanted to do something with her life that would live long after she is gone.

“I’m hoping to encourage people and [tell them] not to be discouraged and to take part in the government,” said Bazzini.

That hope was born over a decade ago, not by Rhana, but by Doris Haddock -- better known as Granny D. At 89 years old, Granny D walked from California to Washington D.C. for campaign finance reform. She was instrumental in the passing of the McCain Feingold election reform bill.

But her victory was short-lived after the Supreme Court dismantled the bill. Soon after, Granny D died.

Now Bazzini is picking up where Granny D left off, calling once again for lawmakers to place caps on campaign money.

“We are not that naïve," said Bazzini. "Of course money is involved and we wanted to be able to be regulated.”

Now calling herself “Rhana B,” she started her walk in Sarasota.

“I’ve walked as long as five hours a day, it depends on the destination," she said. "The average is 10 miles a day.”

Sometimes she is walking alone and other times she is joined by people. A message that has pushed this 81 year old to walk miles upon miles of just pure determination.