A state senator from Clearwater wants another round when it comes to battle over growlers.

Republican Senator Jack Latvala has filed legislation to lift the state’s ban on the 64 ounce refillable jugs.

Florida and Utah are the only states in the nation to ban the half gallon containers popular at craft breweries.

“I have had more emails and phone calls on the growler issue than any other issue,” says Senator Latvala.  “It’s a matter of free enterprise. As Republicans, we should be lifting restrictions that have nothing to do with health and safety.”

Florida’s craft brewery industry wants the growler ban lifted. The 64 ounce size is industry standard. It’s 4 pints of beer that their customers could carry home if the ban is repealed. 

“This is not an issue that will move the needle one bit for us business-wise.  It won’t make or break us," said Joey Redner, owner of Cigar City Brewing. “But this size (64 ounces) is what customers want. It’s the Goldilocks size, not too big, not too small.”

In past years, big beer distributors have fought lifting the growler ban. Their lobbyists in Tallahassee don’t like the idea of beer makers distributing their own suds. However, over the last couple of weeks, two of the largest beer distributor groups in the state have endorsed lifting the growler ban.

Senator Latvala, along with co-sponsor Rep. Chris Sprowls, believes the time is right for that to happen.

Latvala's bill still needs a companion bill to be filed in the state house.

The governor says he supports lifting the growler ban.