The U.S. Defense Secretary has proposed cuts that could impact military families all over the Bay area.

One proposal includes slashing the commissary budget by a million dollars over the next three years. That proposed budget cut could cost military families more when they buy groceries and other items at commissaries on base.

Currently, many military families receive a savings of 30% or more on items on base - without paying taxes.

Some believe the savings really help.

"It's easier to pay for a family of four when mom or dad is out fighting," said Andrea Yeack, whose husband served in Vietnam.

But others believe the money could be better used elsewhere.

"The commissary gets subsidized by the federal government or the taxpayer so is it really cost effective when we can use those savings for other things that we need to make sure we have the military readiness we need," said John Ubaldi, military retiree and founder of the news blog "Ubaldi Reports."

Along with cutting the commissary budget, the Defense Secretary also proposed a cut in military health benefits. That change would mean a fee hike for active-duty family members and retirees in the Tricare program.