A Homosassa man was arrested on Thursday after deputies said he confessed to suffocating his 1-year-old son so he could play video games.

Cody Eugene Wygant, 24, was arrested and on third-degree murder charges and willful child neglect regarding the death of his son, Daymeon Wygant.

Emergency personnel arrived at the home on Thursday morning after a call that the baby was not breathing. Daymeon was transported to Seven Rivers Regional Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.

According to an arrest report, Wygant said around 1 a.m. he became frustrated with the baby because he was crying uncontrollably and preventing him from playing Xbox games. Wygant told investigators he had placed his hand over the baby's mouth and nose for three to four minutes until the baby seemed "exhausted" and then laid him down in the play pen.

The arrest report stated Wygant covered the baby with multiple layers of bedding, including his head and was tucked in such a way as to prevent him from receiving fresh air. 

Deputies said Wygant did not check on the baby for approximately five hours, during which, he played Xbox for an hour and a half and watched three episodes of a television show.

Wygant called 911 around 8:21 a.m., the report said. When officials arrived the baby was blue, not breathing and unresponsive.

Neighbor Doreen Mason watched as the paramedics pulled up to the home. She described the heart wrenching scene.

"I saw the mom collapse to the ground before she entered the ambulance like in a fetal position and she was on her knees,” said Mason.

Although Wygant has not been arrested in Citrus County, he has an extensive criminal history in California, where he moved from in January, with crimes ranging from trespassing to rape.

"It is inconceivable that a father could kill his infant son --it just baffles the mind," Sheriff Jeff Dawsy said.  "Our only sense of relief now comes from knowing that we did exactly what we needed to do to bring justice to him swiftly.  Our prayers go out to those who knew and loved Daymeon."

The Medical Examiner has not determined the cause and manner of death, however, did state there are serious concerns that the death was caused by suffocation.

Wygant is being held at the Citrus County jail without bond. 

Wygant also has a 3-month-old daughter who is now in the custody of the Department of Children and Families.