The 10th annual Wearable Art Fashion Show kicks off at the Dunedin Fine Art Center on Saturday evening.

The theme this year is "Models of Success" and pairs 10 Bay area business women with fashion designers.

Jacqueline Ambrose-Root is a Tampa attorney paired with designer Lina Teixeira.

"I am the lawyer in high heels," she said. "I try to do something fun, but I'm generally in business professional."

But once Teixeira stepped in, Ambrose-Root underwent a total transformation. After all, Teixeira's style is the unconventional method of refurbishing.

For example, the head piece she put on Ambrose-Root was made up of two floral arrangements that had seen better days.

"People have this on their mantle," Teixeira said.  "They have them on the middle of their table and I have it on her head."

All of Teixeira's pieces are made up of items many would normally throw away, including garbage bags, window screens and tissue paper.

But, she said, put it all together and you have wearable art set to hit the runway.

"To me it's magical," Teixeira said.  "It's just purely magical."