The family of a Polk County girl who killed herself after being bullied is headed to court.

The Orlando law firm of Morgan and Morgan is representing Rebecca Sedwick's mother Tricia Norman in this suit.

"I feel like I need to have some definitive answers and get some form of justice for Becca in order to start the whole healing process," Norman said.

They claim the School Board of Polk County, Cemex Construction Materials of Florida and a former classmate all had a hand in Sedwick's death.

In the lawsuit, the family is seeking at least $15,000 from each of the defendants.

"The intent is to hold those accountable to account," said David Henry, her attorney.

Lawyers said the board failed to supervise and discipline one of Rebecca's classmates, although the board was made aware of alleged bullying actions.

That student, identified only as “G.S.,” is accused of physically harassing the 12-year-old while they were students at Crystal Lake Middle School, as well as online.

The alleged physical and emotional abuse caused Sedwick to “suffer serious mental and psychological injuries during the school year,” which directly led to her death by suicide.

Attorneys allege the online attacks continued until after the girl's death.

The actions are called “exceeding all bounds of decency and utterly intolerable in a civilized community.”

Sedwick jumped to her death at an abandoned Cemex Construction Materials Florida cement plant in Lakeland.

Attorneys said if the property's perimeter fence was properly in place, the 12-year-old would not have had access to the ladder to the cement tower, which she climbed before killing herself.

This lawsuit is just one side of a legal argument.The facts of the case must first be argued in court.

Norman said she realizes the lawsuit won't bring her daughter back but she said it could change things.

"If the people are found responsible maybe they'll change and another kid won't lose their life. Another parent won't have to go through what we're going through," she said.

She said that would give her peace of mind.

Polk deputies did arrest two classmates accused of tormenting Sedwick, but those charges were dropped due to lack of evidence.