A group of Florida residents are in the midst of a 70-day, 1,000-mile trek through the Florida wilderness.

Carlton Ward and Mallory Dimmitt’s group's aim is to promote wildlife corridors. The view of unspoiled nature they see is often stunning.

They are documenting everything on the trip with cameras and a small film crew, sometimes even going underwater.

"We have seen alligators, of course snakes, raccoons, lots of wading birds,” said Dimmitt.

The group has made it from east Polk County to the ‪Chassahowitzka River‬. The goal of the trek is to promote the conservation of land for what are called wildlife corridors, large uninterrupted swaths of land up and down and across the state for animals to roam freely. 

Otherwise, habitats for animals are like islands surrounded by development.

"And as that happens animals become isolated and you get problems with genetics and even extinction,” Ward said.

Before that has a chance to happen, Ward and Dimmitt and doing their best to document parts of our state we rarely get to see.