Driving and owning a car is a social experience. Cars are connected to social media, to other cars and the information your car can provide can be used for a variety of reasons.

Agnik Analytics, a vehicle data software company based in Maryland, is interested in taking the information they gather from your car and turning it into a game — a safe driver game.

Many insurance companies currently gather data about driving habits from their customers. That information is used to generate insurance rates. The idea is simple: drive safe and get a better insurance rate.

Wilmer Silva, a student at Florida Polytechnic, enrolled in such a program.

"They're able to track and monitor our hard braking," Silva said. "They're able to monitor how fast we're going. I'm not sure if it had GPS integration or anything like that, but as far as how much we traveled, they were able to interpret that through the car's computer."

Hillol Kargupta, President of Agnik, hopes the game approach will make our road safer.

"The idea is to enhance this social experience and to incentivize people to drive safe," Kargupta said. "Games and rewards are among several tools in addition to insurance discounts that one can use to engage people in this process."

The concept of families versus families, or teen-aged children competing against their parents for a Safe Driver Award is fun and according to Silva, fits perfectly with young people.

"So if we can make this a real life gaming with incentives involved, not only with saving money, but winning little prizes here and there throughout the whole game, that would make it a lot more interesting for those cyber-gamers," Silva said.