Secret photo and video recordings, threats and verbal abuse -- that’s just half of what one couple is accusing their neighbors of.

The manicured lawns and waterfront views make an Auburndale community seem peaceful. But, Scot Ellis says his experience over the last year and a half has been anything but pleasant.

Ellis claims his neighbors, Richard and Joy Ringer, would call he and his wife derogatory names, threaten them and their dog and complained to any law enforcement agency that would listen.

The couple is even accused of destroying a dividing fence and flashing security lights in their windows.

Ellis says enough was enough. He had to call authorities.

“Things got worse daily,” he said. “Luckily the state attorney came to our rescue and enough’s enough. Everything stopped.”

Ellis is a professional water skier and practices behind his home. He said that may have sparked the feud that he and his wife refused to participate in.

“My wife and I, we train here. We ski -- this is our job. We travel the world. We compete as water skiers. Been in the industry our entire lives, so maybe the neighbor didn’t like that. I don’t know,” he said.

The Ringers were arrested and charged with criminal mischief and aggravated stalking.

It’s a different side of the law for Richard Ringer, who used to be a cop and is now referred to as a neighbor who took things too far.

Once it’s all said and done and the couple gets out of jail, they’ll have to come back to their house and live next to the same neighbors. Ellis is just hoping they can all get along.

That couple is being held on a $5,000 and $6,000 bond. Their neighbor tells us they’ll keep their distance from now on.