Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton swept across Florida Wednesday.

The Democratic presidential frontrunner began her day at a fundraiser at the Thonotosassa home of former Florida Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink. Later, she  visited Orlando and South Florida.

Among the topics Clinton spoke about the economy, helping the middle class and women's issues.

Sink is a longtime Clinton supporter. She ran for governor against Rick Scott in 2010 and lost. Sink also ran an unsuccessful campaign against Congressman David Jolly last year.

"I believe she's the strongest and the best candidate and the person who can be a great leader for America," Sink said of Clinton. "And some of her supporters asked if I would host an event for her, and I said: "Absolutely. Just tell me when."

Clinton's rally at the Meadow Woods Recreation Center in south Orange County was her first public event in Central Florida since she announced her candidacy for president. Hundreds of supporters cheered as she spoke about her plan to improve the economy.

"We're going to create good jobs and rising wages by once again investing in our infrastructure," Clinton said.

The Democratic presidential hopeful spoke about her five-year plan with a cost of $275 billion from business tax reform to create those good paying jobs.

She focused part of that plan toward the Latino community.

"She's standing with Puerto Ricans and she's saying we're going to fix this, we're going to solve the economic crisis," Lorella Praeli, the national director for the Latino vote said.

But Clinton said part of preventing an economic backlash on our working force, starts with education.

"And I do have a plan where if you go to a public college or university, you will not have to borrow a dime to pay for it," Clinton said.

"That was the best message ever," supporter Brandon Nelson said.

Some Republicans were even in attendance to get their take on Clinton's plans.

"Hillary made a lot of economic promises today, but she did not go into details on her plan," said Wadi Gaitan, the communications director for the Republican Party of Florida.

But her supporters said it's Clinton's experience that will make the difference.

"She's the one to do it," said former Orange County Mayor Linda Chapin.

Clinton also talked about her plan to defeat terrorist networks that threaten the United States and standing up to gun lobbyists by creating comprehensive background checks and closing loopholes.