Firefighters made a gruesome discovery Monday morning when they put out a fire in a semi trailer near Brooksville.

Crews were called to a wooded area near Webster Street at about 9 a.m. Monday. Fire had broken out in an old semi trailer in the middle of the woods.

Firefighters put out the fire, then discovered a body inside the trailer.

Hernando County Sheriff's spokesperson Denise Moloney said someone was probably living inside the trailer at the time.

John McCallister lives across the street from the scene of the fire. He said he's chased homeless people off the property more than once.

"In the winter they look for a place, find a place to crash out for the night," he said. "They have probably been in there for a while."

The trailer is surrounded by several acres of thick woods. Deputies say there is no road, so a fire truck had to plow through.

"They had to make one to get back there," Moloney said.

Now investigators are trying to determine who the victim was and what caused the fire.