Drivers want help curbing stop sign runners on the northbound U.S. 19 frontage road in Clearwater.

It doesn't take long to watch a car run the stop sign along the northbound U.S. 19 frontage road at the Dimmit Drive exit.

Kevin Covington's wife won't take the exit any more due to the number of cars running the stop sign and into her direct path. 

"She's like, 'From now on I'm just going to have my hand on the horn because now I know that people may be running that stop sign,' " Covington said.

Traffic exiting the mainline lanes of U.S. 19 is traveling at speeds up to 50 miles per hour. There are approximately 150 feet of ramp before the lane merges with the frontage road.

In two seconds, that traffic can come in direct contact with the frontage road drivers running the stop sign. 

State officials have tried many things to increase awareness for frontage road drivers. The original yield sign was replaced with a stop sign and a stop bar was painted on the pavement.  That sign was replaced recently by a larger stop sign. 

Covington would like to see something more visual here, like a flashing strobe or a flashing signal. However, the bottom line is for increased enforcement.

FDOT spokesperson Kris Carson says next the state will relocate a "Stop Sign Ahead" sign from farther away to a location closer to the intersection.

They will also contact local Law Enforcement to see if they can do something to improve compliance.