A Largo veteran has fallen on hard times. He desperately needed a new roof in order to keep his home. Recently, his family nominated him for a charity that fixes roofs for free.

Joe Liles was reminiscing about an earlier time in his life as he looked at pictures from when he served in the army in 1975.

“It reminds me, I was supporting my country to help defend freedom,” Liles said.

Now, years later it’s Joe that needs support. Working full time as a janitor, he barely made enough to pay his bills. And the home he’s spent 15 years in desperately needed a new roof.

“It was overwhelming to me, that I was going to end up losing my home,” Liles said.

Joe said he was going to have to live in his two-seater truck because he couldn’t afford his homeowners insurance with the roof the way it was. So his family nominated him for the charity No Roof Left Behind. And Joe won!

Crews from Arry’s Roofing Services and other local companies spent their day hammering and putting in nails to give Joe a sturdy roof over his head.

“We tore off a tile roof, there is a flat deck in the back and we are putting a tile roof back at the first of the week,”  said Matthew Housh, one of the owners of Arry’s Roofing.

Joe loved looking at his new roof. “It looks fantastic. My house already looks like a brand new home.”

“I cant express my gratitude for the community coming together,” Joe added.

Arry’s Roofing estimates that it would have costed Joe about $15,000 to fix his roof. If you would like to nominate someone for the No Roof Left Behind program, you can do so at https://noroofleftbehind.com/