A group of Citrus County deputies are being called heroes. They saved a little boy who almost died in a family pool.

Citrus County Deputy Jimmy Sudlow will never forget this past weekend. It was July 4th and Sudlow was called to a home in Crystal River. He was about to save a young boy's life.

Deputy Sudlow said the little guy's name is Jacarrio and he's lucky to be alive. The 4-year-old ended up in a pool. Deputies say when the family noticed they pulled him out, but he didn't have a pulse.

"It was hard to see and deal with, but honestly the training took over and I was able to overcome the fears and worries of what was going on," Deputy Sudlow said.

Sudlow was first on the scene and stared doing CPR. He got a pulse back as other deputies arrived. They continued to work on the boy and got him coughing and breathing again.

"I was real excited," Sudlow said. "It was probably the best feeling. We deal with a lot of stuff that people don't want to see or will turn their heads to. Then when you are actually able to save someone’s life, especially a child, it makes it worthwhile."

Deputy Sudlow has two kids of his own. He said he thought of them as he saved the little boy's life.

Jacarrio spent the night in a local hospital and was released the next day. We're told he was visiting family and lives near Orlando.