Their posters spell it out: All Lives Matter. It’s the message this group of law enforcement wives want to get across.

“We want to make sure that we can show everyone that they’re good, normal people. That we care about everyone and all lives matter,” said LEO Wives of Central Florida member Danielle Thompson. "And it’s just so important for them to know that we want to come together as a community and a nation to fix this problem."

It’s a very different message from the negative press law enforcement has gotten over the last couple years. The Ferguson shooting, the South Carolina shooting and most recently the Texas deputy killed.

“To those people I say I hope that you can open your hearts and realize we are all a nation that needs to come together right now,” Thompson said.

With the help of local law enforcement agencies, the LEO Wives of Central Florida said they wanted to bring hundreds together at their Law Enforcement Appreciation Rally in front of the Lakeland Police Department. It’s a rally the wives of law enforcement officers and their spouses said is vital.

“I think that showing the community that together as a group we can change what people think about law enforcement officers,” said Vanderpool.

Winter Haven police officer Justin Minser knows just how much that support means.

“There’s gonna be positive and negative in the news but as far as the support for law enforcement and the job and community is the main part of it,” Minser said. “But it’s a big positive and uplifting thing for law enforcement officers.”

Minser said after surgery on his shoulder, people from the law enforcement community came to help his family. And it’s that same kind of support these men and women want to offer the entire community.

The rally is being held tonight from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. For more information, visit the group's Facebook page.