Police canceled the Amber Alert Thursday for the two children missing out of St. Petersburg.

The children were found in Madison, Florida, which is near the Georgia border, police said.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement issued an Amber Alert for Dorian Sandhu, 5, and Frederick Sandhu, 4, who were living with their maternal grandparents in St. Petersburg.

Their mother, Gigi Ulrich-Woodard Sandhu, was only to have supervised visits with the children.

Gigi Sandhu was found in a motel room with her children and taken into custody. (Photo: Madison County Sheriff's Office)

Police attribute the return of the children to two out-of-state utility workers who were staying at a Madison motel. The workers said they got the Amber Alert on their phones and remembered seeing the mother's Nissan in the parking lot. They compared the tag number on the car with the one in the alert and called 911.

Madison County sheriff's deputies took the mom into custody, along with a male acquaintance and a pet monkey. They also got the children. According to investigators, the children were safely turned over to the Florida Department of Children and Family.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement said the two children were last seen along the 6200 block of 3rd Street. Officials said Sandhu, 46, used her spare set of keys to get inside the home and took her two young children without permission.

The official Amber Alert was issued after 1 p.m. The St. Petersburg Police Department announced at 4:45 p.m. that the alert was canceled after the children and the mother were located in North Florida.

Sandhu doesn't have custody of the children, and while she was never charged with any sort of child abuse, police said there was enough of a case for the Department of Children and Families to place the children in their grandparents' care.