A 9-year-old Pasco County boy is helping bridge the gap between the deaf world and the hearing population.

  • KJ Martin is passionate about helping deaf community
  • KJ, 9, has written a book with his father
  • Book teaches sign language and tells the story of "Kasey's First Day of Basketball Practice"

KJ Martin looks like you're average kid, he loves sport and dreams of being a published author and a NBA player.  

He's off to a pretty good start, too.  

KJ recently had his first book "Kasey's First Day of Basketball Practice" published. He co-authored it with his father, Kentrell Martin.

“The Kasey character is a special character," said Kentrell Matrin, KJ's dad. "He wears a hearing aide. The goal is to show kids he’s like any other kid."

Martin's brother (KJ's uncle) is deaf, which has played a big part in his career. He has his own publishing company that aims at educating children, bridging the gap between the deaf and the hearing.

 “I wanted to teach other kids sign language and how they can do it,” said KJ.

He does that in his book, which teaches 10 signs in American Sign Language. 

“He’s always picking up things and asking I want to sign a book,” said Martin. Now he can and he plans to be signing many more with his next book. “Kasey’s first day of football practice,” said KJ.