Lakeland police are investigating an early morning shooting that led to the death of Jean Makenson Desroche.

  • A man died early Sunday after a shooting in Lakeland
  • Jean Makenson Desroche, 21, was killed in front of his apartment
  • No information has been released regarding a suspect in this case

Around 4:30 a.m. Sunday, officers received reports of shots fired at the Lakewood Terrace Apartments on W. 14th Street. Upon arrival, investigators said they found Desroche, 21, lying on the ground next to his car.

He was taken to the hospital where he died. Detectives said he was shot multiple times.

His mother, Emose St. Juste, said she went outside right after it happened, and found her son on the ground bleeding.

"He didn't even talk to me,” said St. Juste.

His mother spent the morning going back and forth between English and Haitian-Creole, talking to family about her son.

"Jean, Jean, I love him so much," said a distraught St. Juste. "I love him so much."

Jean's girlfriend, Taquavia Gousby, was with his mother after the shooting. She said Jean worked in a warehouse, and that they had a nine-month-old daughter together.

"This morning she was saying 'Da Da,' just calling 'Da Da' and I couldn't tell her because she don't know and I just held her and I just kissed her because I know she's going to miss her daddy," said Gousby.

She believes her boyfriend went out with friends Saturday, dropped them off, and returned home to the Lakewood Terrace apartments.

"I just love him so much," said Gousby. "I don't know what else to say about him."

While more than a dozen family members gathered inside, police processed the crime scene. Neighbors were then left with the task of cleaning up his blood.

The investigation into his death is ongoing. So far, Lakeland Police haven’t made an arrest, and do not have any suspects. They’re hoping witnesses will come forward to help them solve the case.