Canadian filmmakers shot the season finale for their new web series called “Running With Violet” at the Loews Don Cesar Hotel on St. Pete Beach on Monday.

  • New Canadian YouTube series filmed on St. Pete Beach
  • Creators said Canadians have a special connection with Florida
  • Running With Violet will premiere on Feb. 6

“Canadians have this relationship with Florida,” said Rebecca Davey, lead actor, writer and creator. “So, I think we are taking advantage of it.”

The story is about two women and a toddler on the run from small town Ontario. The creators want you to think of it as 'Thelma and Louise' meets 'Fargo.'

“They got entangled in this small town meth ring,” said Marie-Claire Marcotte, another lead actor, writer and creator of the series. “Now they’re trying to run away from danger, but as they keep running away, they just keep getting into more danger.”

“They thought they were taking this holiday respite in Florida,” Davey said. “Then things go drastically wrong.”

Davey said St. Pete-Clearwater Film Commissioner Tony Armer lured the production by She Said Films Inc. to Pinellas County when they met at the Sunscreen Film Festival.

“He introduced us to the wonders of St. Pete,” she said. “It seemed exciting to film down here.”

The season finale at the Don Cesar sets the stage for Season 2, where the first six episodes will also be shot in the St. Petersburg area in November of 2017. The series is funded by the Independent Production Fund in Canada. “Running With Violet” received a marketing grant from the St. Pete Clearwater Film Commission and is expected to have an estimated impact of more than $500,000.

The series will launch on the Running With Violet YouTube channel beginning on February 6.

“It’s free, it’s great,” said Marcotte. “And available worldwide.”

“That will be sure to entertain,” said Davey.