Donald Trump is heading back to the battlegrounds in Florida, and his campaign is looking to help from grassroots groups to make up some serious ground with women voters.

  • Pres. of the Florida Federation of Women Voters to speak at Tampa rally
  • Dena Decamp hopes her presence will speak to women voters

"That's us," said Dena Decamp, the president of the Florida Federation of Women Voters. "We are the grassroots for the Republican Party. The women are the ones that do all the work."

Decamp is from Lakeland. Trump's campaign asked her to speak at their rally in Tampa on Saturday.

"It will be the first time in the Federations' 65-year history that one of us has been asked to speak at a presidential rally," said Decamp.

Polls show Trump with a commanding lead over Hillary Clinton among men, but he's lagging when it comes to support from women.

"I think as we move forward, we're going to see women going toward Donald Trump," said Decamp. "He has not said anything to offend me or to drive women away. It's that women tend to be a little more thoughtful about our decisions."

Decamp says Trump can win over women voters by focusing on security, specifically protecting the border and fighting terrorism. She will talk to the crowd about the so-called Republican 'war on women,' something Decamp says simply does not exist.