There are close to 1,000 sex offenders in Pasco County. Investigators say there’s no telling what some will do to evade them.

  • Thomas Mock Jr. taken into custody
  • Two people at home charged with harboring a sex offender
  • Arrest happened after Crime Stoppers tip

Recently they had a more interesting capture caught on body camera.

Investigators got a tip, that sex offender 37-year-old Thomas Mock might be at a Hudson home.

“Is Tom here?" said Detective Kip Mello in the video. "Who's Tom?" answered the woman at the door, Danielle Dyer. “Thomas Mock," repeated Mello. “No he's not here and I don't know who he is," said Dyer.

In the video Dyer is becoming frantic and raising her voice.

“She says there is just one co-worker with her and his name is Steve, we believe she's not being honest," said the Mello into his radio.

This goes on for about 10 minutes.

“He's going to jail one way or the other, your choice is whether you go with him or not," said Mello.

The sheriff’s office had been looking for Mock for almost two months after he failed to re-register in July. In the video you can see Mello and Detective Scott Raymer growing impatient as two people continue to say no one else is inside.

Finally they get the go ahead to enter the house from the homeowner. The two searched the home even walking by Mocks hiding place. They circled back and found him in a plastic bin on his back.  

“He was packaged up and ready to go as far as I was concerned," said Raymer.

“He was cooperative at that point probably because he was thrilled to get some air," said Mello.

Mock wasn’t the only one taken to jail this past Friday.

“I honestly didn't know," screamed Dyer.

“Tell the judge!" said one of the detectives.

Mock was taken to jail on numerous felony and misdemeanor charges. Dyer and Mock’s brother-in-law Steven Peavy were also charged with felonies for harboring a sex offender.