Florida's newest member of the state university system begins its third academic year Monday in record fashion.

  • Florida Polytechnic University opened in 2012
  • University starting third academic year with record enrollment
  • New facilities on-campus include new residence hall, expanded cafeteria

The university is reporting record high enrollment, with around 1,350 students attending this fall, according to Vice Provost for Student Affairs Dr. Steve Warner.

That’s more than double the university’s enrollment when it opened three years ago.

Harold Rivera, a new student from Puerto Rico, said he’s impressed with the university so far.

"The labs and dorm was not something any university is going to give you. Basically, the building is different,” said Rivera.  “And housing, basically everything is a different experience for the student.”

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This academic year, the university opened its second residence hall and an expanded cafeteria. The residence hall is modern, with kitchens on each floor, washers and dryers in each suite, and several common areas.

"It's really exciting to see how students and parents are taking to Florida Poly.  The excitement they have and the academics that we have to offer and the student life we have to offer our students,” said Warner. “The word is really getting out about this university.”

The university also welcomes new faculty this term. It has 63 full-time faculty members currently, and hopes to have at least 70 by 2017.
Finally, this fall, design work is scheduled to begin on the university’s new Applied Research Center. The Florida Legislature approved $5 million during the last legislative session to fund the planning and architectural work on the center, and the university is contributing a matching $5 million.