Pizza. In vending machines. This is now real life.

  • Italian company Pizza Touch testing machines
  • 2 machines currently in Orlando, 1 in Lakeland
  • Pizza cooked for customer in 2 minutes

Italian company Pizza Touch is testing three of the machines right now in Florida: two of them are in the Orlando area and a third is in Lakeland.

The Lakeland Pizza Touch machine, located at the Mobile gas station at the intersection of Edgewood Drive and South Florida Avenue, allows customers to choose between three varieties of pizza. The pizza costs $6 and is finished and ready to eat in two minutes flat.

"You can't get a pizza that fast anywhere else, so it seems pretty convenient to me," said gas station customer Darrell Sutton after he bought one of the machine-crafted pizzas.

But, how do they taste?

"It's not bad," customer Sunny Mutchler said after trying pizza with mushrooms and red peppers. "It could use a little more sauce, but it's not bad."

Pizza Touch said it has developed new versions of its machines that it is set to roll out later this month. The new machines will have an easier-to-use ordering screen and the ability for customers to choose how well done the pizza will be.

The company may also adjust its recipe to conform to American tastes.

"Some people think we need a little more sauce. Some people think we need a little more cheese,”  spokesperson Jiselle Sandra said.

Pizza Touch expects to have 100 machines available to the public by the end of the month. To find out more about Pizza Touch and their pizza vending machines, go to their page on Facebook.