Some parents are upset that Lakeland Highlands Middle School doesn’t allow students to use lockers. It’s a policy that has been in place for several years.

  • No lockers at Lakeland Highlands Middle School
  • Parents concerned about heavy backpacks
  • School doesn't use traditional textbooks anymore

"I don't think an 11, 12 or 13 year old child should be carrying around 20 pounds all day,” said parent Majken Harrison.

She said she weighed her daughter’s backpack and it was 12 pounds. She weighed another student’s backpack and it was 18 pounds.

Harrison is concerned that carrying such a heavy backpack could lead to an injury.

"I feel like that's doing a lot of damage or could potentially do a lot of damage to their bodies,” she said.

The Polk School District said there is no standard policy on whether schools let students use lockers.

Lakeland Highlands Middle said he is willing to talk to parents or guardians who have concerns. It didn’t offer an explanation about why students can’t use lockers. The school doesn’t use traditional textbooks anymore but students do use large folders for each class.

Harrison is hoping the school will change is policy.

"I would like for them to use lockers. Maybe perhaps store some of their school supplies in classrooms. Something but I don't want my child or another child to be injured.”