An SUV plowed into a mobile home in Lakeland Harbor Saturday evening.

  • Teen crashes SUV into mobile home
  • Driver told police he was speeding and lost control
  • No one was inside the mobile home at the time

According to the Lakeland Fire Department, the 19-year-old driver said he was speeding and lost control of the vehicle.

No one was inside the mobile home at the time. The driver was taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

Mary Heath said she was in her bedroom next door, smoking a cigarette and looking outside the window when it happened.

“I was a nervous wreck,” said Heath.

Heath said she heard the SUV hit a fence and then she saw it go airborne. She said that’s when she jumped over her bed to get out of the way.

“He looked like he was coming right to my bedroom,” said Heath. “It was scary. I was shaken.”

A teen crashed an SUV into a Lakeland mobile home. (Photo: Mary Heath)

When she went outside, Heath said she found the SUV inside her neighbor’s bedroom instead. She said a teenage boy was getting out of the vehicle.

“He was conscious. All he was worried about was not himself, but was anyone in the trailer and the car, the SUV, it was his bosses,” said Heath.

She recalled the boy saying, “I’m graduating and this is ruining my life.”

Heath said the boy is lucky to be alive.

“The boy has got to be thankful that he had his seatbelt on and he didn’t hit the tree. And I’m thankful, I’m very thankful to Jesus, thank you Lord that it didn’t come to my bedroom,” Heath said.

The SUV hit the home so hard, it knocked the home off of its brick foundation and broke the windows.

“Oh it went like a bomb went off in there. It blew out the side windows, the front windows, the way the truck was in there it was laying on the bed,” said Heath.

The Lakeland Police Department has not released the name of the driver or whether he’ll face any charges.