NEW PORT RICHEY, Fla. -- The spot where 46-year-old Shawn Michael Grady died Sunday is one people who live in the Ahepa 489 Apartments know well.

  • 46-year-old man dies on Rowan Road from hit and run
  • Residents say the road is dangerous
  • Caution urged for pedestrians, bicyclists

It’s right in front of the complex on Rowan Road, and one man told Spectrum Bay News 9 it’s where he and fellow residents cross the street to get to the nearby Walgreens or run errands.

“Yeah, I’m taking a chance when I cross, but I’ve learned that if you see something coming, wait,” said Joe Bonelli. “I mean, even if they look like they’re far away, they’re usually flying.”

According to Florida Highway Patrol, it was before 6 a.m. Sunday when a vehicle hit Grady as they both traveled south on Rowan Rd. The driver left the scene, and Grady, of New Port Richey, died from his injuries.

Florida Highway Patrol said after heavy media coverage, a woman reached out to say she’d been in a crash. She surrendered a 2000 Toyota pickup that troopers said matches evidence from the crash site.

Carl Hille said he’s lived near Rowan Road for almost 30 years and can’t remember many fatal crashes happening there. He said he wouldn’t bicycle along the road.

“It’s rather dangerous, if you ask me,” Hille said.

Bonelli said he’s not likely to stop walking to errands.

“Am I afraid to go back and forth? No. But I’m very, very aware. And fortunately I’m in good enough shape where I could run if I had to,” he said.

Bonelli also said he’d be in favor of a crosswalk or bike lane being installed in the area, but he said he doesn’t think that would do much good unless the 45 mph speed limit was lowered as well.