PALM HARBOR, Fla. — A dozen Greek Craftsmen have traveled thousands of miles to help build a one of a kind church in Palm Harbor.

  • New Greek Orthodox Church being built in Palm Harbor
  • Greek Craftsmen traveled to area to help build one of a kind church
  • Construction expected to be finished by Easter

With every nail, brick, and board, the workers are creating a piece of history.

"For me, it's a miracle that we're building this church," Church administrator Erine Koulianos said.

The craftsmen are building what will be the new home of the Saints Raphael, Nicholas, and Irene Greek Orthodox Church.

"We're going to have this beautiful landmark to share with visitors, tourists, and locals," Koulianos said.

It's a parish that literally rose from the ashes after a devastating electrical fire destroyed the church a few years ago.

Every inch of the new 55-foot-tall basilica style church is being built by the hands of the craftsmen. A world renowned Greek Architect and his team traveled thousands of miles to create the landmark that will permanently enshrine the holy relics of the saints.

"They compliment each other and they inspire each other, they help each other to achieve this common goal of leaving something for generations," Koulianos said.

The marble floors and ten inch thick walls will serve as a house of worship and hurricane shelter.

"You can't help but be excited about the history that's come down to you and we are the inheritors of that history. We have to keep it alive," member George Koudelis said.

Parishioners hope the new church will instill faith and provide inspiration for centuries to come. Construction is in the final phase and church leaders hope to have it finished by Easter.