TRINITY, Fla. — A unique Pasco County cemetery recently marked two years of offering environmentally friendly burials that also aim to protect the surrounding ecosystem

Heartwood Preserve is a conservation cemetery in Trinity.

It offers natural burials, meaning there's no concrete vault or embalming.

Biodegradable caskets or shrouds are used in place of metal coffins.

The daughter of one woman buried here says her mom was drawn here because of her love of nature.

"She is back with her Earth Mother, if you will, and rather than just taking up space and doing nothing, her body is nourishing all of these plants around you that feed all the animals, and she is back into the cycle of life," said Amy Morrow.

According to the Green Burial Council, the number of providers it's approved jumped from one in 2006 to more than 300 today.

Heartwood management say conservation cemeteries are rare. There are only about a dozen nationwide.