ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — As the new St. Petersburg Pier rises near downtown, a process is taking place to attract new businesses.

The Pier Marketplace is actively seeking small business owners to set up shop at the new pier, set to open in 2020.

City officials are looking for new, interesting and artsy entrepreneurs to bring their businesses to the pier.

"There'll be what we call market stalls, fished clamshell stalls, 7 of them right up in the front end right here," said Chris Ballestra, St. Pete's Managing Director of Development. "Interspersed with 10x10 foot tents."

Ballestra said the small spaces could lease for as low as $500 a month would seed small businesses that could eventually grow into the city's colorful business culture.   

"They could be businesses that are operating out of their house, out of their kitchen in their garage," Ballestra said. "They may not be ready yet for a brick and mortar presence, but at the same time, they've got great idea. They've got something fun, something that visitors and tourists would like to buy." 

The Pier Marketplace is an area near the entrance of the new St. Pete Pier District that will showcase kiosk and tent vendors. Seven market stalls and up to 20 tents will be available to lease at this location.

Meanwhile, Largo resident Gayle Foshee is hopeful for a spot in the new pier. 

Foshee makes whimsical handbags and said she has sold 336 in three years. She has sent in an application for a spot in the Pier Marketplace. 

"If I'm selected, I think that, I think my line is going to go fabulous there," Foshee said. "It's really good when I go into these little towns which are a lot like St. Petersburg."