FROSTPROOF, Fla. — The construction of a $240 million steel plant is well underway in Polk County.

  • Entry-level positions pay about $60K per year
  • Company operates about 2 dozen plants nationwide
  • To apply, click HERE

The Nucor Florida steel plant in Frostproof is located on Highway 27. 

The plant will take scrap metal and turn it into rebar. It’s expected to produce 350,000 tons of rebar each year. 

“Well, it’s all going into the Florida construction market,” said Nucor Florida controller Corey Allain. “With all the growth, we saw an opportunity to serve this market, primarily Orlando, Tampa and Miami.”

The plant will employ 235 workers once it is actually producing steel. That should start in the fourth quarter of the year, according to the company.

Entry-level workers don’t need any steel or manufacturing experience. Allain said people with no experience should not be afraid to apply for jobs.

“I would encourage then to apply. We don’t need steel experience,” he said. “Obviously, there aren’t any steel mills around. What we look for is people who want to work hard, work smart and safe, be a positive problem solver and fit in with our team.”

Nucor has about two dozen plants around the country that produce 22 million tons of steel each year. The plants use electric arc furnaces to melt the scrap steel, so the plants don’t have big smoke stacks associated with older generation plants. 

Entry-level jobs pay about $60,000 per year and the company is currently hiring. To learn more about job opportunities with Nucor, visit their Careers page.