TAMPA, Fla. — Tameka Fountaine's personal shopping business became a lifeline for people trying to survive a pandemic.

“It means more to me because I'm being of service.”

Customers wanted Tameka to deliver their goods. She was a favorite.

When they complained they could not pick her personally through the shopping service she worked for, she quit. And started her own.

“I'm so grateful for my clients” said Fountaine. “I'm so grateful for the ability to be able to provide a service to my community that they both want and need."

Fountaine’s “Black Market Personal Shopper Services” does it all, from ice cream sundaes to birthday presents to Christmas trees.

She works in Manatee and Sarasota Counties and enjoys being her own boss.

Although she misses the “tight” relationships she’s had with her clients and waving at them through windows, she says we still have a lot to thankful for.

“2020 was very difficult and we made it,” Fountaine said. “And you're still here, and you can still smile about it. That's how we heal. We don't forget, we just look at it as something else we've kicked and keep it moving.”

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