Some students and faculty at the University of South Florida are planning what they are calling a "Rally for Health and Safety."

What You Need To Know

They said they would like to see more COVID safety protocols put into place.

Krystle Lemonias, a teaching assistant and graduate student majoring in art, said she's taken steps to keep herself safe.

"I got a grant specifically to get an air purifier in my studio because the ventilation was very poor, and I thought that was important for my health," she said.

Upgraded ventilation and air conditioning improvements in all buildings is one of the things United Faculty of Florida and Graduate Assistants United at USF are pushing for.

They have come up with a list of items they'd like to see implemented including mandatory vaccinations for people who go inside buildings on campus, mandatory masks and increased COVID tracking.

"There needs to be a stronger campaign to make sure this is really heard and taken seriously." said Lemonias. "We don't know how we will be infected by COVID-19 and because our campus is so highly populated it would be in our best interest to be on the side of caution."

The University of South Florida issued a statement that read in part:

"The University of South Florida continues to follow the guidance issued for all state universities by the Board of Governors. Consistent with BOG guidance, USF strongly encourages vaccines for members of the university community and we expect everyone to wear a mask on our campuses, regardless of vaccination status. The university consistently communicates about vaccines availability and masks, including through signage installed on campus."

The rally is planned for Thursday from 3:30-4:30 p.m. on Leroy Collins Boulevard.