CLEARWATER, Fla. — He’s a Florida gem and a national treasure.

Photographer Clyde Butcher has dedicated his art and work to protecting Florida’s Everglades—since the 1980s.

“Yeah, it never gets boring,” said Clyde Butcher.

Clyde Butcher wants to immerse you in the Big Cypress Swamp. That’s why he makes his pictures so big. His exhibition "America's Everglades" is on display at the Main Clearwater Library, on display through May 2022.

“Well, it's really good for public places like this,” said Butcher of the Library location.

Butcher says the pictures help people see more than just beaches and theme parks in Florida.

A 2017 stroke threatened his work, but he’s fought back. He’s using a digital camera instead of the heavier camera he’s used in the past. A walker helps him stay mobile, and he’s ruined two so far trekking through the swamp.

He says his work will continue because the swamp needs protection.