RIVERVIEW, Fla. — Wherever Morgan Watt goes, his loyal service dog Foley is never far behind.

“I don’t know what I would do without him. I really don’t. Because he is a lifesaver,” Watt said.

Watt is an Air Force veteran. He suffers from chronic migraines from a brain injury. He has also been treated for post-traumatic stress disorder.

What You Need To Know

  • Morgan Watt is an Air Force veteran who suffers from PTSD. His service dog Foley has helped him recover

  • Foley came from Southeastern Guide Dogs, which pairs veterans with PTSD or other disabilities with a service dog

  • Watt helps Southeastern train other dogs on how to be in the water

But the seven years he’s been with Foley have helped him recover.

“With Foley, he’s like a giant mirror. When I have him and have an anxiety attack or I’m feeling depressed, he’s right there and picks up on it,” Watt said.

Not only is Foley there for Watt emotionally, the dog is even trained to do things like fetch medication when Watt needs it.

The two met through Southeastern Guide Dogs, which pairs veterans with PTSD or other disabilities with a service dog.   

“Have you ever felt unconditional love? That is what it’s like to work with a Southeastern Guide Dog,” Watt said. “They are just built and trained and bred to be pure love. And to be there any time you need him.”

That’s love that Watt wants to share with other veterans.

He volunteers his time with Southeastern Guide Dogs to help train them in a unique way — how to be on a boat.

Watt and Foley spend a lot of time on the water together.

“Having him there with me relaxing on the water is one of the best stress reliefs I can possibly have,” Watt said.

So he invites dogs that are in training to come on board with Foley to learn the ropes of being on a boat.

“It’s getting them used to the sites, the smells, the overwhelming feeling of getting on the boat and getting them to the point where they can still work,” Watt said.

Southeastern Guide Dogs is based in Palmetto and is funded with all private donations. Right now, they are running their Heroes Challenge, where all donations are matched, if you’d like to help their cause.