TAMPA, Fla. — Each day, Will Law works to regain a bit more mobility and stability.

The 39-year-old began the year engaged and happy to be planning a wedding. But, by October, a persistent weakness along his left side had him getting checked out at the doctor's office. 

What You Need To Know

  • 39-year-old Will Law discovered he had a Stage 3 brain tumor just two weeks before his wedding

  • Anaplastic astrocytoma tumors are rare for people in their 30s 

The news came just days before his November wedding. "Yeah, it was over the phone. That was rough. I don’t want to do that again," said Will, remembering that fateful day alongside his wife Lindsay.

"It was hard, it was hard to hear him tell me, because I wasn’t at that doctor’s appointment," said Lindsay.

Will had a brain tumor in his right frontal lobe. It was a grade 3, which was very serious. 

“We didn’t know the next step, even at that point. Ya know, surgery, anything like that yet - so. I don’t remember what the doctor said after he said, ‘brain tumor,’” said Will. 

He would need surgery, and soon. As for the wedding, that was quickly becoming an uncertainty. 

Lindsay remembers what the doctor's at Moffitt told her and Will about the wedding. 

“He encouraged us to go get married, so that was good. It made us definitely relax a little bit," said Lindsay.

They were married on November 5th, and the brain surgery took place at Moffitt Cancer Center on November 17th. 

“This type of surgery is very challenging. It’s challenging for both the surgeon as well as the patient. Will is great, he is a very young, intelligent, enthusiastic guy,” said Dr. James Liu, Neurosurgeon, Moffitt Cancer Center.

“His confidence was driving me. Just thank you. It really made a big difference, so I think that helped on the other side," said Will. 

During the surgery, Dr. Liu removed as much of the tumor as possible. Now in early December, Will has been focusing on physical therapy. He will soon have to do radiation and chemotherapy. 

It will not be an easy road ahead. 

“A lot of work to be done. But there are improvements every day," said Will. 

He holds onto those small successes. 

Will's tumor is an anaplastic astrocytoma. It's a rare type of tumor for someone to get in their 30s. 

“Unfortunately, this kind of tumor, this kind of high grade astrocytoma almost inevitably recurs, despite our best efforts," said Dr. Liu. “One of the key things about this type of tumor, this type of brain tumor is that, like we said, is it is very challenging to treat. There is a lot of research being done, and a lot that still needs to be done. We have not made improvements that we have wanted to, in terms of a research standpoint.”   

To help Will during this time, you can donate here. 

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