TAMPA, Fla. -- Monday marks the first day of early voting in Hillsborough County. 

  • 71 percent of county residents voted early in 2016
  • 19 early voting sites opened, increase from previous election
  • Early voting runs through Aug. 26
  • Spectrum Bay News 9 Voting Guide

Volunteers with the Elections Service Center on Falkenburg Road spent Friday setting up booths and tabulating machines at one of the newest polling sites.

Hillsborough County Elections Supervisor Craig Latimer opened 19 sites, three more than were opened during than the previous election cycle.  

Seventy-one percent of Hillsborough County residents voted before election day in 2016. 

Even though this is a primary election, Latimer says it should not be ignored.  

"If you don't belong to one of the major parties, you still have the non-partisan races, judges and school boards that you can cast your ballot on," Latimer said.

Voters in the primary will be allowed to use any of the polling sites across the county, but must use their assigned precinct for the general election in November. 

Early voting starts Aug. 13 and runs through Aug. 26.