‘Secrets of the Bay’ is a mini-series which runs intermittently throughout the regular Average Angler seasons. Each episode highlights historical elements of specific places, towns and landmarks around Tampa Bay. Eventually, the hope is to piece all these episodes together to tell a complete visual representation of Tampa Bay’s history and to reveal little known tidbits of how the bay developed. Host Glen Pla moves back and forth between past and present to give the audience the feeling of what it must have been like in the bay’s early beginnings.

Secrets of the Bay: Gandy Bridge

AA delves into the history behind George Gandy's record breaking bridge!

Secrets of the Bay: Safety Harbor pt 1

AA explores the rich history of the Tocabaga Indians in Safety Harbor!

Secrets of the Bay: Safety Harbor pt 2

AA wanders through the past to discover the storied history behind the healing springs located in Safety Harbor!

Secrets of the Bay: Ballast Point

AA fishes Hillsborough Bay and unearths a beautiful rarity that can only be found in the Bay Area!

Secrets of the Bay: St. Pete Pier 

In our 4th installment in the series, AA focuses on the various piers that once dotted St. Petersburg's downtown shoreline throughout it's early history and how they have led to the development of the inverted pyramid we know today.

Secrets of the Bay: Port Tampa part 1

AA arrives at the port via an early 1900’s steam engine and starts to research how important one of the first major boatyards to Tampa Bay was to its designation as an emerging destination for tourism and industry. During his travels, Glen fishes the nearby waters and gets caught up in an intriguing mystery about the original Picnic Island that is sure to surprise those who visit the current park in Port Tampa.

Secrets of the Bay: Port Tampa part 2

AA explores deeper into the mysterious backwaters of the long forgotten original Picnic Island! This episode he finally gets solid proof of this alleged ghost island as well as an amazing rare glimpse of what the once beautiful resort looked like way back in the late 1800’s!

Secrets of the Bay: Oldsmar

AA takes a ride back through time, literally, in an early 1900’s Oldsmobile Rideabout to learn about the early beginnings of Oldsmar. With local historian, former mayor Jerry Beverland as his guide, AA travels through the world of the town's founder, R.E. Olds, uncovering fascinating tidbits and discovering still existing landmarks of that bygone era. The Average Angler even has time to hook a few fish in nearby Mobley Bay! Take a ride back in time with this very first edition of the intriguing ongoing mini-series of AA’s Secrets Of The Bay!