SEMINOLE - The Osceola Warriors aren't your average football team.

"We're a fundamental high school," said Head Coach George Palmer.  "Our expecations in the class room are high, and we are a little different in most everything we do."

That goes for football practice too.  In order to keep up with their rival powerhouses, the warriors hit a little bit harder, run a little bit faster, and push themselves a little bit further.

"We don't have quite as much athletic ability as some of the teams around here," Coach Palmer explained.

However, the warriors still manage some big wins.  A big part of those wins come from quarterback Ryan Allan, who led the team to a 6-4 record his sophomore season.

"It was just a great experience," Allan said. "I just knew my ceiling was much higher, and I had a great offseason."

Warriors Coach Palmer says looking towards next year, anything is possible, and winning another 6 games is certainly not out of the realm of possibility.

"We came from behind in 4-out-of-the 6 wins last year, twice from down 14.  Those kids are great, and I love being around them."