CLEARWATER, Fla. -- At the Clearwater Challenger little league there’s only one thing that matters.

"This is how you rock the stage okay? Have fun," yells a player coming off the field.

For the younger players, there’s no need to worry about balls or strikes. The only thing to keep track of here are the smiles.

It’s great, the excitement on their faces when they hit a home run, just to hit the ball period yo know? When they catch the ball. There’s no greater feeling then seeing the kids having a blast, having fun, playing ball," said Vice President Raymond Jones.

From the players, to the fans. It truly is a field of dreams for those with special needs.

"To see the expressions on their face, their exuberance running to first base after they hit the ball, it’s like a fairy tale come true," said Richard Luczek whos granddaughter plays in the league.

"It’s a joy," said Katrina Freemon-Larry on watching her grandson play. "I enjoy watching him. Things are a challenge, but he’s conquered a lot. And just to see him play is just amazing."

For many of the players, these games are the highlight of their week.

"It feels great to be with my friends and I like to have fun with them," said Brian Dunning.

"Baseball is the greatest thing she loves," said Luczek. "She gets to be with her peers. Every year she comes back, and says he guys how are you and she’s back to being bubbly."

"It’s very important because if this league did not exist, our kids would be at home doing nothing," said Freemon-Larry. "Not developing social skills or playing like a normal child. So i’m very proud there’s a league like this in our community.

At the Clearwater Challenger Little League it doesn’t matter if you’re a home run hitter or picking up a bat for the first time. Everyone here shines like the stars they truly are.