The Florida woman who made national headlines when she took a dishwashing job to get inside her husband’s assisted living facility, now hopes to meet with Gov. Ron DeSantis to discuss recommendations on reopening elder care facilities.

What You Need To Know

Mary Daniel took a part time job as a dishwasher at Rosecastle of Deerwood in Jacksonville just so she could see her husband in person again.  But Daniel tells Spectrum Bay News 9 her efforts are far from over.

“My story is a happy story. Many people describe it as a love story. But there are many ugly stories out there too,” Daniel said. “I can’t just walk away and say 'I’m in, good luck everybody.' Our politicians need to see the faces of those stories.”

So Daniel formed the Facebook group “Caregivers for Compromise,” which now has more than 6,000 members, all desperate to see their loved ones in nursing homes again.  Daniel said she and other group members came up with formal recommendations on how the state should begin the process of allowing visitors back into long-term care facilities.

“If staff members can go under strict guidelines, than we think there can be one caregiver for each resident to do the same,” Daniel said.

The group recommends that person be designated an Essential Family Caregiver (ECF) and must already have a proven track record of routine visits. The ECF would also have to wear PPE and just like staff, undergo regular resting.

Daniel is hoping to get the attention of the governor with this latest push. After all, she points out he mentioned her story at two of his latest news conferences. 

“That’s an example of resilience in the face of a very difficult situation,” the governor said about Daniel on Saturday.

“He knows who we are, but he’s using it as a feel good story. I appreciate that.” Daniel said. “But there’s a real conversation that needs to be had. I want 10 minutes of his time. I will meet him anywhere in any city on any day at any time. I don’t think that’s too much to ask.”

Daniel said she has heard back from staff at the governor’s office but a meeting has yet to be scheduled.