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A row of palm trees at the port of St. Petersburg. (Getty Images)
A row of palm trees at the port of St. Petersburg. (Getty Images)

The Tampa Bay area is our home and we love to see your weather photos. Whether they are sunrises/sunsets, clouds or storm damage, we would love for you to share those images with us as we may add them to photo galleries here on or we may use them during a newscast on TV. 

If you decide to take photos during/after severe weather, please follow our tips below:

  • Please take your photos when you're in a safe environment. Do not put yourself in harm's way for a photo.
  • Please don’t take pictures while driving. (It’s okay if a passenger takes the picture.) Any pictures taken while driving, we don’t show on the air.
  • Take your picture in the horizontal perspective (not vertical).
  • If using the form below is not an option, you can post your photos on our Facebook page: Spectrum Bay News 9
  • Tag us on X (formerly known as Twitter): @bn9@bn9weather

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Our revolutionary technology leads the way in providing you with the most accurate weather forecasts in the Bay area.


Not near a computer? You can easily download the Spectrum News App on your Apple or Android device. Here's how you do it:

  • Download the Spectrum News App
  • Tap on the weather icon at the bottom
  • Tap on the "Share Your Weather Photos" button and fill out the form



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